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Request a Program

We would love to bring hands-on and fun science experiments to many kids. If your children or students are interested in one or more of our interactive science sessions, please send us a request below. We can provide HandsOnSTEM sessions with one of the following methods:

  1. Online sessions through Google meet

  2. In person sessions at school classrooms (or afterschool clubs)

  3. In person sessions at a public location (such as library, or park)

  4. In person sessions at a mutually agreed location

We require minimum 5 children to start a new program. If you don’t have at least 5 children, you can still request a program, and we’ll notify you once we have at least 5 children that can be taught in the same group. 


For best learning results, we limit maximum number of children to 10. This will ensure that each child will get enough
attention and conduct Hands-on experiments successfully. 


Please note that currently the in person programs can only be offered in capital region (near Albany, NY). We offer online sessions to students from anywhere in US.

Our program is offered for free to individuals. After the program is completed, we welcome your donation at our website. Any amount of donation is highly appreciated. For organizations serving underprivileged kids, our program is offered completely free. For others, a moderate fee will be decided upon discussion.

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