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HandsOnSTEM 2021 Winter Camp

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

In the middle of the pandemic, the kids who signed up for the HandsONSTEM winter camp didn't have to stay bored. They were able to enjoy learning with a set of cool hands on experiments.

These experiments focused on different topics. Participants learned acid and base reaction through an exciting "volcano", experienced Newton's 1st law of motion using simple setup with egg and paper tower rolls, and witnessed how Newton's 3rd law of motion propelled a balloon car.

Experiment kits were provided by HandsONSTEM and delivered to students' homes. Jeffrey Chen, who's the founder and president of the HandsONSTEM, taught all classes online through google meet, guided kids through each step, inspired kids to learn from what they observe and further understand the STEM theory behind these simple yet fund experiments.

HandsONSTEM received great feedback from kids and their parents about this winter camp.


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