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Learning is much more interesting and engaging when we can see it with our own eyes and touch it with our own hands.

- Jeffrey Chen, Founder

Our Mission

Here at HandsOnSTEM, we are driven by a single goal; to bring hands-on, interactive, and fun science to kids of early ages. By keeping science and engineering fun and engaging, HandsOnSTEM aims to help keep underprivileged kids interested in STEM and motivate them to keep exploring all that science has to offer. HandsOnSTEM works together with public libraries, schools and other institutions to work with a wide range of students and keep them interested and motivated in pursuing a STEM field.

Founders Message

- Jeffrey Chen, Founder

Ever since I was little, my parents would take me to science museums, shows and demonstrations. Whether it was color changing solutions, toy cars pushed by beams of light, or making my own non-Newtonian fluid, everything was much more interesting and engaging when I got to see it with my own eyes and touch it with my own hands. I was very lucky to have parents who would go out of their way to expose me to these experiences and it fostered my love of STEM.


However, STEM has a hard time coming across as interesting in schools. It’s underrepresented in elementary schools and it serves as a mandatory graded class in middle school and beyond. Exposure to STEM often takes the form of lectures, PowerPoints, or textbook reading, robbing students of what I believe is the best part of learning science: hands on activities. I founded HandsOnSTEM with the goal of giving young students the same hands on, intuitive and interesting experience I had learning about STEM.

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"Jeffrey Chen did a wonderful job with providing kids' science enrichment lessons. It's not easy to design hands-on activities that kids can do remotely and safely, and to interact with kids via google meets . But Jeffrey proved that it could be done, with big impacts! It's clear that he put in a lot of thoughts and efforts in planning the lessons, preparing supplemental materials for experiments, and carrying out the sessions in a fun and organized way. He is very good at encouraging and guiding the kids in proposing hypotheses, articulating their thoughts and supporting evidence, and trying again when things did not work for the first time. My 4th-grader really enjoyed these sessions."

--- Sarah Z. Mother of a 4th grade student

Get Involved

HandsOnSTEM is a 501 (c) (3) designated non profit organization. We have several opportunities where you can help make a difference in children’s learning experience.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers who share our passion and vision. Please contact us if you’d like to teach children fun and hands-on science experiments. We’ll work  together on interesting projects.

Make A Donation

Your support matters. Your donation will help us bring interactive and hands-on STEM experiments to kids of early ages. The fun learning experience can motivate young children to keep exploring science and technology.

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