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HandsOnSTEM class at Chinese School of Capital District of New York, 2021-2022

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Following the successful mini summer camp at the Chinese Community Center on August 15th 2021, we were contacted by the Chinese School Principal Mr. Yanan Hou regarding an opportunity to teach at the Chinese School. I eagerly accepted, seeing this as a way to give back to a community that had been supporting me for 11 years. I started taking Chinese lessons every Sunday through the school, starting in first grade all the way through middle school.

Despite my busy Senior schedule, I was happy to offer a hands-on science class every Sunday after the Chinese lessons. This provided a wonderful way to extend the outreach of the non-profit and reach the student body of the Chinese school, many of whom come from all around the Capital Region. So far, we have only had 4 classes, yet the feedback is incredible. Students show up to class excited every time, eager to become budding scientists.

For those unfamiliar with the Chinese School, it provides an opportunity for Chinese students to learn Chinese and participate in various interest classes. One of these interest classes is run by HandsOnSTEM. The Chinese School is part of the Chinese Community Center (CCC) of the Capital District of New York. After years of growth, the school now has about 320 children and adults taking various Chinese language and extracurricular classes.

To learn more about the classes offered at the Chinese School, including the science class that I am teaching, see the link here:


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